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From: Jesse Jones (jesjones_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-04-02 18:18:13

At 11:52 AM -0400 4/2/01, Gregory Seidman wrote:
>David Allan Finch sez:
>} nbecker_at_[hidden] wrote:
>} > There are a number of good cross-platform guis. One is QT. Others
>} > include FLTK and wxWindows. This subject is discussed frequently on
>} > the python newsgroup.
>} This is know. I was working on a platform independed library before
>} some of these project even started (*1). Until 1997(ish) I would have
>} suggested that wxWindows was the only one that was as good as Sticky
>} but time has moved on. I have still yet to see an C++ API from any
>} other the others apart from the old Fresco/Interview project that
>} was in anyway a real C++ API.

There's Whisper,
<>. I'm biased
but it leverages C++ better than any framework I've ever seen. It's
Mac/Win32 only though...

It makes heavy use of template callback objects, STL, standard
strings, exceptions, design by contract, XML to stream in views, and
compile-time type checking of events. Whisper 2.0 also has a COM like
object library that isn't nearly as lame as classic COM. I've been
using it to great effect to define widgets. It brings many of the
advantages of a more dynamic language than traditional C++ and also
makes it possible to write modular apps.

   -- Jesse

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