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From: Phlip (pplumlee_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-04-03 22:47:37

Proclaimed md656 from the mountaintops:

> Visit
> and search for e4graph. Dooes
> it deserve to iclude such a feature
> in Boost?

Boost already has the Boost Graph Library.

This is saturated with templates, therefor it's A> good and B> "STL"
compliant. The STL is saturated with templates too.

Here's the e4Graph sample from the Web page:

     e4_Storage s("John's grocery store", E4_METAKIT);
     e4_Marker on_hand;
     e4_Node items;
     e4_Node sugar;
     float price_per_pound;
     int pounds_in_store;

     if (!s.GetMarker("on hand items", on_hand) {...}
     if (!on_hand.GetMarkedNode(items)) {...}
     if (!items.GetVertex("sugar", sugar)) {
         fprintf(stderr, "John's store is out of sugar!\n");

     if (!sugar.GetVertex("pounds in store", pounds_in_store)) {...}
     if (!sugar.GetVertex("price per pound", price_per_pound)) {...}
     fprintf(stderr, "John's store has %d pounds of sugar at $%f per pound\n",
             pounds_in_store, price_per_pound);

They don't use templates, do use MetaKit, and use strings for the payload.

As a further atrocity, they use fprintf(), and they use 'float' instead of
'double'. The latter is the default, and fprintf() is a bad influence on

I posit that Boost needs libraries written directly to the C++ Standard & its
Library, essentially to show off what these can do. But I'm not the gate
keeper here.

Can e4Graph do Matroids? or Maximum Cycle Extraction, Maximum Clique
Extraction, Graph Isomorphism, or layout algorithms?

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