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From: Vesa Karvonen (vesa.karvonen_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-05-27 18:28:43

I have uploaded the proposed config system to the Files section. You can
find it under the config directory. I have only tested the system on
DECCXX, so it is quite possible that there are bugs in some of the other
10 configurations. The package only has the files that have been modified.

(The following notes are not 100% complete, but should come quite close.)

Important notes:
- BOOST_VERSION knocked on my shoulder and asked to be moved into another
file. I propose <boost/config/version.hpp>. The reason for this is that
otherwise changing the version number implies recompiling everything.
Currently boost/config/common_config_suffix.hpp includes the version.hpp
header. That #include statement should be removed. I have not done the
change, because it might break existing code that needs the version
number. I think that this is an insignificant change, especially since the
BOOST_VERSION was added just recently (16 Mar 01) and recommend that the
#include is removed in the next release.

- I defined the directory boost/config for the compiler dependent external
- I chose the names for the external config directories based on the
primary macro that is used for identifying the implementation.
- The original <boost/config.hpp> was, among other things, rather
inconsistently indented. The new dispatching config should be much easier
to read and maintain.
- There was one preprocessor statement in boost/config.hpp that did not
correctly start on the first column.
- The last compiler independent part of the boost/config.hpp, was moved to
a separate header boost/config/common_config_suffix.hpp, which is now
included by each of the compiler dependent external configs.
- Also moved the BOOST_VERSION to boost/config/common_config_suffix.hpp.
And later moved it again to boost/config/version.hpp.
- Moved the revision history and the documentation of Conformance Flag
Macros to config/readme.txt.
- Added #include <boost/config/common_config_suffix.hpp> to the case of
unknown compiler.
- Updated config documentation.

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