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From: Aleksey Gurtovoy (alexy_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-06-21 09:39:25

Dave Abrahams wrote:
> I think this may be connected with the void default template
> parameter issue with output_iterator_helper, that Daryle checked in.

Actually, it's not. The errors occur because on MSVC
'boost::detail::iterator_traits<T*>::value_type' and
'boost::detail::iterator_traits<T*>::reference' types are just placeholders,
or more specifically:

++ boost/detail/iterator.hpp, lines 104-121

template <class T> struct undefined;
template <> struct iterator_traits_select<true>
    template <class Ptr>
    struct traits
        typedef std::ptrdiff_t difference_type;
        typedef std::random_access_iterator_tag iterator_category;
        typedef Ptr pointer;
// Keeps MSVC happy under certain circumstances. It seems class template
// arguments are partly instantiated even when not used when the class
// is the return type of a function template.
        typedef undefined<void> value_type;
        typedef undefined<void> reference;

As 'reverse_iterator_generator<>' (indirectly) uses these traits for
defining its default template parameters types, here are the errors. So, how
about replacing the above two lines with these three:

typedef typename boost::remove_pointer<Ptr>::type almost_value_type;
typedef typename boost::remove_const<almost_value_type>::type value_type;
typedef typename boost::add_reference<almost_value_type>::type reference;

It resolves the problem with the test (because simple cases like
'boost::remove_pointer<char*>::type' _do_ work on MSVC), and also gives
users of the library an option to avoid repeating of generators default
parameters for their own classes as well (by writing

BTW, trying to reproduce the errors in the question, I've run into another

1) it seems that 'conversion_traits.hpp' header was checked in with some
diff data in it, which leads to compilation failure:

boost/type_traits/conversion_traits.hpp, line 61, exact text:

<<<<<<< conversion_traits.hpp
      static From* from;
      enum { exists = sizeof( check(*from) ) == sizeof(yes_type) };
      static From _m_from;
      enum { exists = sizeof( _m_check(_m_from) ) == sizeof(yes_type) };
>>>>>>> 1.6

2) on MSVC, the expression 'self::is_input_iter' from the following code
(boost/iterator_adaptors.hpp, line 367)

      typedef typename
   // else
>::type type;

in some situations lead to "error C2027: use of undefined type ...", there
"undefined type" refers to 'self'. AFAIR, 'self::' qualification here was a
Borland workaround; hmm.. need to re-read John's article on coding intergal
constant expressions to make any useful suggestions here :).


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