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From: David Turner (david.turner_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-07-02 08:55:20

Hi David,

> I think people would like some simple way to configure the executable to use
> a different "base" file without the need for "-f".
> I suppose it's easy enough to fake that with the appropriate shell script,
> but it might make sense to give people a compiled-in mechanism, like the use
> of a .jamrc file.
Yep. Either a ".jamrc" file or an environment variable should do
the trick. I think it's wiser to implement _both_ schemes, since
users have different expectations depending on the system they're
working on, typically:

  - Unix users all have a HOME variable defined and can use
    a ".jamrc" file easily.

  - for Windows users, setting a variable named JAMBASE to point
    to a configuration file is simpler than defining a HOME variable
    then a file named ".jamrc" :-)

And of course, the command-line flags should still be there for other
users too (shell scripts invoking dynamically-generated Jamfiles
is just an example :-)
> >
> > "Marmalade" has been suggested, it seems nice :-)
> It's cute (et surtout, très Français), but I have these concerns:
It's not French actually :-)

   jam <=> confiture
   marmalade <=> marmelade
   jelly <=> gelée

I believe that the difference between these three words
are the sugar/fruit ratios, though I'm unsure..
> 1. It's a long name to type. Anything longer than "make" will deter adoption
> ;-)

OK. Moreover, it's more than 8 letters long, think about how ugly
"marmal~1" is going to be on Win9x systems ;-)

> 2. I think I'd like to keep the boost identity attached to the architecture
> somehow.
Humm.. maybe we should choose two names:

  A - one for the "enhanced jam" thing (currently FT Jam)
  B - one for the "Boost.Build" thing

For "A", I think that any name would fit, because the final
executable should ideally still be called "jam", since it
will be 100% backwards compatible with the official Jam.

For "B", I propose "booster".

  - it's short
  - it has the "boost" identity
  - space aeronautics are cool :-)

Comments ?


- David Turner

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