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From: David Abrahams (david.abrahams_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-07-05 09:14:17

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From: "Toon Knapen" <toon_at_[hidden]>

> So my point is starting class-names with uppercase does no harm (is even
> usefull) while synching with the STL concerning memberfunctions is still
> a good idea.

I don't care all that muchn (my personal standard has always been MixedCase
for type names until I started working here, where much code will probably
be boostified), but I do think it makes the transition into the standard
more difficult. For example, NumericTraits<int> or Numeric_traits<int> looks
weird next to iterator_traits<char*>. Also, in template metaprogramming it
is sometimes useful to blur the line between types, values, and functions. I
am not sure it is worth the costs, however.

In any case, we would have to rewrite lots of boost code and break lots of
users' code to change this convention now. I think that's probably the best
argument for keeping it as is.

> > > 7.1):Use ``//'' to delimit comments in lieu of ``/*...*/''
> > >
> > > We and many other projects use for instance doxygen for generating
> > > documentation. Doxygen (and other similar tools) needs the java-style
> > > commenting using /** ... */. So could we also allow this in the
> > > guidelines ? I know, it's a bit awkward to change rules to the
> > > of some tools but this type of comment has also become quit standard.
> >
> > Doxygen also responds to ///...
> > Are /** ... */ really needed for anything?
> Yep, but this is for one-liners AFAIK. I'll have to check if this gives
> the same results as /** ... */

I think it works if the ///s are on consecutive lines, but I could be wrong.


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