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From: williamkempf_at_[hidden]
Date: 2001-07-05 12:53:37

--- In boost_at_y..., williamkempf_at_h... wrote:
> The Boost.Threads library has neared a point in which I want to
> submit it for acceptance into Boost. Outstanding things I need to
> before requesting a review:
> 1) Modify the source to follow the (not yet submitted or accepted)
> Boost Coding Guidelines. This is jumping the gun a little since
> Guidelines aren't official yet, but I suspect that most of it will
> become official as it's written today, so I'm going to try and get
> head start. Better to do this now then do it later.
> 2) Update some documentation and add both a FAQ page and a
> page.
> 3) As per submission guidelines I need to get this library to
> compile on at least Windows and Linux, though I'd love to have it
> compiling on as many platforms as possible before submission.
> (1) and (2) I'll tackle myself, finishing within the week,
> hopefully. (3) is more difficult. The only platform I have access
> to is Windows. The only compilers are VC++ and GCC, and I've run
> into problems with GCC that I simply don't know how to correct. At
> least I've been able to compile for both WinThreads and POSIX
> threads, thanks to pthread-win32, but we need better than this
> I can submit. So, I'm asking for some help here. If you're
> interested in Boost.Threads for your compiler/platform I'd
> it if you contacted me so we can try and get the Boost.Build stuff
> and the library to work. At this point I'm especially interested
> doing this for non-Windows platforms, but as many
> as we can do this with the better.
> Thanks,
> Bill Kempf
> (P.S. It would be best if you contacted me before trying to port
> so we don't duplicate any effort here. If someone else is working
> your compiler/platform there's no need for you to do any work
> Plus I can give you help on using Boost.Build if you're not
> with it yet, as well as tell you how to access the CVS branch.)

Just to let people know, I've gotten volunteers for Linux/GCC and
Solaris/GCC/SunCC so far, so these platforms are basically taken care
of. I'll let you know if the ports are successful or if further help
is needed after the volunteers have had their chances at it. I'm
still interested in other platform ports, though, so other volunteers
are still very welcome.

Bill Kempf

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