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From: angelo_at_[hidden]
Date: 2001-07-25 19:56:33

I have modified the code of boost/pool library so that it can be
compiled by
MSVC 6.0. Here's the summary on what should be changed.
1. MSVC use the macro _WIN32 instead of __WIN32__, so
    "#ifdef __WIN32__" should be changed to "#if defined(__WIN32__)
2. MSVC defined _MT when multithread is enabled, so the following code
should be added :

   #if defined(_WIN32) && !defined(_MT) && !defined(BOOST_NO_MT)
   #define BOOST_NO_MT
MSVC has problem when the class singleton_default has private members.
Comment the line with "private:" in class singleton_default.

MSVC does not support partial specialization, so the ct_gcd
does not work.
The following code works on MSVC.

template <unsigned A, unsigned B>
struct ct_gcd
  BOOST_STATIC_CONSTANT(unsigned, A_mod_B_ = (A % (B == 0 ? 1 :
B) ) );
(::boost::type_traits::ice_eq<A_mod_B_, 0>::value) );
  BOOST_STATIC_CONSTANT(unsigned, value = (cond_ ? B : ct_gcd<B,
A_mod_B_>::value) );

template <>
struct ct_gcd<0,0>
 BOOST_STATIC_CONSTANT(unsigned, value = 0);

After all these change are made, the singleton_pool can be compiled
by MSVC.

Huang-Ming Huang

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