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From: Daryle Walker (darylew_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-07-25 21:02:43

This is what I got when I ran the config info program:

Metrowerks codewarrior 0x2301
    __cplusplus =199711L
    __STDC__ =1
    __MWERKS__ =0x2301
    __MSL__ =0x5201
    __MSL_CPP__ =0x5300
    __A5__ =0
    __embedded_cplusplus =0
    __fourbyteints__ =1
    __IEEEdoubles__ =1
    __MC68020__ =0
    __MC68881__ =0
    __profile__ =0
    __powerc =1
    __POWERPC__ =1
    macintosh =1
    powerc =1


Unknown ISO standard library


Detected Platform: Mac OS
    Type char is signed
    Type wchar_t is unsigned
    byte order for type short =8 0
    byte order for type int =24 16 8 0
    byte order for type long =24 16 8 0
    sizeof(wchar_t) =2
    sizeof(short) =2
    sizeof(int) =4
    sizeof(long) =4
    sizeof(float) =4
    sizeof(double) =8
    sizeof(long double) =8
    CHAR_BIT =8
    CHAR_MAX =127
    WCHAR_MAX =((wchar_t) - 1)
    SHRT_MAX =32767
    INT_MAX =2147483647L
    LONG_MAX =2147483647L
    __STDC_IEC_559__ =1


Boost version 102200
    BOOST_DECL [no value]
    BOOST_NO_HASH [no value]
    BOOST_NO_SLIST [no value]

For the configuration test program, I got the same problems as before with
the "template" qualification and the unassignability of allocators. But I
got a new error, that the std::message facet wasn't found. That test should
be skipped, since MSL doesn't have that facet in CWP5. In fact, that block
is there in "msl.hpp" (you misspelled "standard" in the #error message, by
the way). But as you can see in the info printout, your program thinks I'm
using an unknown library instead of choosing MSL. Now what?

I just realized: the config info program also says I don't have a hash nor
slist header. I do have a <slist> header. I have 6 hash headers, but none
named <hash>.

Daryle Walker
Mac, Internet, and Video Game Junkie
darylew AT mac DOT com

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