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From: John Maddock (John_Maddock_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-08-06 06:34:58

I've updated the split-config review code again to reflect Darin's patches
for MPW and CW compilers, I've also added some generic BSD support (tested
on FreeBSD 4.3).

A couple of comments are in order:

I've added a provisional version test around the MPW settings:

#if defined(MPW_CPLUS) && (MPW_CPLUS <= 0x890)

which needs testing/checking.

I've added the following section to the gcc config:
// define BOOST_NO_INTRINSIC_WCHAR_T for gcc platforms known not to
// have wchar_t as an intrinsic type:
#if defined(__APPLE__) || defined(__FreeBSD__) || defined(__NetBSD__) ||

I was hoping to be able to use _WCHAR_T to test whether wchar_t is an
intrinsic type, but I've been unable to deduce from stddef.h exactly when
this gets defined.

The pthreads test code has been altered to:
      // POSIX defines _POSIX_THREADS > 0 for pthread support,
      // however some platforms define _POSIX_THREADS without
      // a value, hence the (_POSIX_THREADS+0 >= 0) check.
      // Strictly speeking this may catch platforms with a
      // non-functioning stub <pthreads.h>, but such occurances should
      // occur very rarely if at all...
# if defined(_POSIX_THREADS) && (_POSIX_THREADS+0 >= 0)
# endif

which works on BSD based systems and hopefully on Mac OS X as well...


Finally the whole thing has been cvs'ed as a branch called "split-config".

Feel free to commit changes to this, but be careful :-)

- John Maddock

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