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From: Jonathan H Lundquist (jhl_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-08-28 10:38:39

>>> Why isn't the obvious syntax:
>>> template<>
>>> void f<int, long>(int, long)
>>> Because it fails to correctly identify
>>> which template is being specialised in all cases.
>>> For example:
>>> template<class U, class V>
>>> void f(U,V); //1
>>> template<class U, class V>
>>> void f(V,U); //2
>> Thanks for expounding, but aren't the two above ambiguous anyway without
>> specializations?
> What do you mean 'the above two'?
> Do you mean a _call_?
> int i; string s;
> f<int,string>(i,s);
> Doesn't this call match 1, but not 2?

Yes that's what I mean. You've shown how to disambiguate them at the point
of call. Because they *must* be thusly disambiguated, in my view they are
If they must be disambiguated at the point of call anyway, then if the
specialization syntax I was inquired about were legal, wouldn't it be
obvious which specialization was relevant?
Am I being dense? <g>.

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