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From: Thomas Matelich (toms-mailing-lists_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-09-19 08:37:37

"Lorenz, Martin" wrote:

> Hello,
> I would like to ask if somebody managed to compile the Boost graph
> library on HP-UX machines, especially with the aCC A.01.27 compiler?
> Trying
> aCC -AA -g0 +d +w +W302,392,431,469,555,655,684,818,819 -I
> /home/lorenz/nobackup/boost/ graph.cpp
> resulted in
> Error 174: "/home/lorenz/nobackup/boost/boost/operators.hpp", line 332 #
> Redefined
> function "bool operator <=(const #1 &,const #2 &)"; previously
> defined at
> ["/home/lorenz/nobackup/boost/boost/operators.hpp", line 106].
> friend bool operator<=(const T& x, const U& y)
> ^^
> Error 445: "/home/lorenz/nobackup/boost/boost/operators.hpp", line 332 #
> Cannot
> recover from earlier errors.
> friend bool operator<=(const T& x, const U& y)
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Unfortunately, I suspect I'm not qualified enough to understand what the
> compiler wants to say to me. Any hints or tips are appreciated.

Unfortunately, the aCC compiler just cannot handle operators.hpp at this time. You
could try g++, but beware of poor exception support. The other option, which I have
not tried, is KAI C++ ( It is expensive for a low to medium
budget operation, however if you look at the compiler status on Linux, it does very

Thomas O Matelich
Senior Software Designer
Zetec, Inc.

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