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From: Jon Kalb (jonkalb_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-09-24 14:04:49

Although this is a high traffic list, proposals to split the list by
library have not been successful. The feeling has been that having a
single list fosters a greater sense of community and results in better
and more consistent libraries because of the opportunities for

It is becoming increasingly clear that more and more developers are
discovering and using Boost libraries. (Congratulations all around! :)
The result is that there is a need for a discussion forum for C++
developers whose interest is in using Boost libraries and who will
(probably) never be Boost library developers.

Clearly this forum is not suitable for this type of discussion. It isn't
helpful to Boost library developers that are already trying to keep up
with a high-traffic list to have to read what will be an increasing
number of "How do I use Boost?" questions. Nor is it helpful to
potential Boost library users to ask "user" questions in a forum whose
content and traffic they can only see as intimidating and overwhelming.

I would like to propose a forum for Boost library users. These are the
advantages that I see to this:

To potential Boost Library Users:
A friendly place to ask newbie questions.

To Boost Library developers:
Fewer distracting newbie questions on this list. This means less traffic
without dividing the list by library. I realize that currently there are
relatively few such questions, but I think that as Boost becomes better
known, these questions will become common and more bothersome.

Better feedback from users. I think that encouraging discussion between
users will provide feedback for developers both in possible changes to
library APIs and, what may be more sorely needed, in the development of
user documention.

Which leads to what I think should be considered a separate advantage,
the possiblity for the development of FAQs about Boost generally and
specific libraries.

Here is the disadvantage:
It won't happen by itself. It is going to take some time and effort by
moderators. How much, of course, is impossible to predict. I am willing
to help moderate such a forum, but this is clearly not a job for one,
but for a few.

I would like to hear comments about this proposal and also from
individuals that would be willing to share in moderating the forum.

Jon Kalb

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