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From: scleary_at_[hidden]
Date: 2001-10-03 10:33:09

Hello, all -

I'm seeing an error in the Win32 regression test logs when compiling
test_pool_alloc.cpp that doesn't make much sense to me. I'm attaching it to
the end of this e-mail; the only thing I can think of is maybe that <new>
isn't being included soon enough???

Could someone more familiar with Comeau (or with access to their compiler)
offer some input? Thanks!


** Comeau C++ 4.2.45 beta 2 libcomo beta 14
como -e10 -tnone --wchar_t --no_microsoft_bugs -D_WCHAR_T_DEFINED -o
boosttmp -Ic:/boost/site c:/boost/site/libs/pool/test/test_pool_alloc.cpp
Comeau C/C++ (Jun 9 2001 21:11:48) for MS_WINDOWS_x86
Copyright 1988-2001 Comeau Computing. All rights reserved.
MODE:non-strict warnings microsoft C++

"c:\\apps\\comeau\\comolib\\stl_construct.h", line 79: error: no instance of
          overloaded "operator new" matches the argument list
            argument types are: (unsigned int, void *)
    new ((void*) __p) _T1();
          detected during:
            instantiation of "void std::_Construct(_T1 *) [with _T1=char]"
                      line 131
            instantiation of "void std::construct(_T1 *) [with _T1=char]" at
                      line 428 of "c:\apps\comeau\comolib\string"
            instantiation of "void std::basic_string<_CharT, _Traits,
                      _Alloc>::_M_construct_null(_CharT *) [with
                      _Alloc=std::allocator<char>]" at line 451 of
            instantiation of "void std::basic_string<_CharT, _Traits,
                      _Alloc>::_M_terminate_string() [with _CharT=char,
                      _Alloc=std::allocator<char>]" at line 339 of
            instantiation of "std::basic_string<_CharT, _Traits,
                      _Alloc>::basic_string(const std::basic_string<_CharT,
                      _Traits, _Alloc>::allocator_type &) [with _CharT=char,
                      _Alloc=std::allocator<char>]" at line 71 of
            instantiation of class "std::numpunct<char>" at line 74 of

1 error detected in the compilation of

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