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From: scleary_at_[hidden]
Date: 2001-10-29 20:37:03

I have a request for Peter Dimov. Before I go any further, just let me say
that I only recently began using Bind -- I love it!

My request: Can you provide a type generator for bind? Something on the
order of:
  boost::bind_traits<F, R, A0 = void, A1 = void, A2 = void, ...>
  { typedef ... result_type; };
or anything similar that can provide some typedef for the result of a bind

I'd much appreciate it. BTW, this would apply to mem_fn as well.


P.S. The Reason: Having recently converted to Function/Bind from Borland
closures, I was trying to reduce the number of "_" parameters passed to
  t.OnTimer = bind(&X::func, &x); // equivalent to:
  t.OnTimer = bind(&X::func, &x, _1, _2, _3);

(with Borland closures the above would be "t.OnTimer = x.func;", a much
cleaner syntax)

I should be able to just add more overloads to "bind" to allow missing
arguments to default to _1, _2, _3, ..., but I need to know the result type
in order to do so.

This would also help anyone who intends to build another library on top of

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