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From: Karl MacMillan (karlmac_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-11-14 08:47:21

From a quick look at the documentation and examples for this library, it
looks very interesting! I would very much like to discuss generic image
processing as it is directly related to my current project to develop
optical music recognition software ( I
have a rapidly growing set of generic image recognition algorithms, but it
would be nice to develop using a more complete library. Overall, your design
looks to be very well thought out and more extensively generalized while
mine is necessarily more application specific (it was designed from the
beginning to be used primarily through Python bindings made with

Before considering your library specifically, I would be interested in what
people think about how image processing algorithms could potentially relate
to the Matrix classes currently being worked on for boost. Also, it seems
that it would be helpful to develop a set of multi-dimensional iterator
categories analogous to the current STL categories to enable a more formal
separation of the storage of the containers and algorithms. I have looked
close enough to be certain, but it looks like your image containers would
not be ideal for my needs, but it would certainly be nice to make use of
some of the algorithms that you have. A more formal specification of the
container classes could make this simple.



Karl MacMillan
Computer Music Department
Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University
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Subject: [boost] VIGRA - Image processing for boost


as the maintainer of the VIGRA library, I'd like to submit VIGRA for
inclusion into boost. VIGRA stands for '(Computer) Vision with GeneRic
Algorithms'. It is the first library (AFAIK) that consequently applies
the principles of the STL to the field of image processing and analysis.
Please take a look at

Features of VIGRA include:
* fully generic design
* extensive documentation
* liberal license
* templated image data structures, image transformations, filters etc.
* import/export of many image file formats (partly by using external
libraries such as libtiff and libjpeg)
* support for several color spaces
* image analysis functions (edge detection, connected components
labeling etc.)
* Python interface based on boost.python (not yet in the public

Please let me know what you think.


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