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From: williamkempf_at_[hidden]
Date: 2001-11-29 13:23:47

--- In boost_at_y..., Sean Parent <sparent_at_a...> wrote:
> Having had it pointed out to me that this topic had been discussed
> I went back and read all the messages on the topic and would like
to make
> some concrete suggestions:
> 1. For the purpose of making it easier to locate copyright notices.
> copyright notices in files should be delimited with:
> <copyright>
> </copyright>
> These may appear anywhere on a line so they can be proceeded by
> characters or other necessary quoting mechanism.

I don't like this. These are HTML like tags which will cause
problems in HTML documentation and will just look silly in code
comments. Why not just require either the copyright symbol © or (C)
(I realize the (C) form has no legal significance, but it also
doesn't invalidate the copyright statement, is universally (?)
understood by readers and is easy to grep for). You can then simply
search for either of these in the files and find the relevant
copyright notice.

> 2. For the purpose of distilling copyright notices to a unique
list. Between
> the copyright delimiters there should not be any text which is not
part of
> the notice. Items such as the file name, or change history should
not appear
> within the delimiters.

White space is enough of a delimiter, IMHO.
> 3. For easy review. License files should be in an easy to read text
format -
> preferably plain text but html, pdf, or rtf are acceptable.
> 4. For locating license files - the name of the file should contain
the word
> "license".

I'd go a step further and require a license.txt file for each
library, UNLESS the library uses a (hypothetical) standard Boost
license. A directory tree search for license.txt would then reveal
all libraries with unique licenses and would allow easy review by
legal types.

Bill Kempf

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