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From: Brad King (brad.king_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-01-11 13:57:56


> I bet it's doable. I did a bunch of work on getting Jam to generate
> html for test result output already, but it's not integrated into the
> system yet.
Perhaps. You'll have to run Dart and look at one of the generated
files. I don't think the format is too complicated.

> I'm not happy with any direction that requires specifying tests in two
> different languages. Now boost developers either need to install Dart
> or we have duplicated test specifications. I think either one is
> unacceptable.
We won't need duplicated test specs. The solution I was suggesting was to
have the Jam rules generate the DartTestfiles themselves. I'm afraid that
installing Dart is unavoidable unless you can duplicate the entire
client-side with Jam code. Dart is fully interpreted, so "installing" it
simply means doing a CVS checkout or extracting a tarball. However, tcl
may need to be installed. I don't think this is too much to ask from
someone capable of coding for boost, and user's won't need to run the

Another idea is to have some jam rules to actually execute Dart. This
could be used to get around the LD_LIBRARY_PATH problem. Jam could have
generated the list of tests into the DartTestfile, and then setup the
environment correctly before executing Dart. This way a test build could
be done like this (assuming BOOST_ROOT, ALL_LOCATE_TARGET, etc are set in
the environment already):

jam dart-nightly

Before committing code to CVS, a developer could do this:

jam dart-experimental

We could also provide more fine-grained control by providing separate
targets for the Start, Update, Build, Test, and Submit steps.


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