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From: Hugo van der Merwe (hugogeek_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-01-18 16:59:45

> You didn't show us any error messages, but it seems likely that the char* is
> giving you trouble. Try char const*; Python strings are immutable so I can't
> let you write into one.

Yea, sorry, I discovered that, and the solution to a couple of my other
problems, an hour or two later. Changed all char* that could be changed
to const char*. (I take it const char* and char const* is the same
thing. My C++ is a little lacking. ;)

> > __tfQ27Demeter7Terrain
> > 00002d98 T _._Q27Demeter7Terrain

> Keeping in mind that this is not a Boost.Python-specific problem and you
> might be better off asking someone who's a guru w.r.t. your particular
> platform and guess is that you've left out the definition of
> some virtual member function which causes the class' vtbl to come into
> existence.

Shoot me... <g> I had included the header without a flag, and compiled
the .o with a flag, that caused different parts to be compiled in
(#ifdef stuff...) My mistake, bad Makefile. ;)


Also discovered this part of the manual a few hours after posting...

Howcome I'm asking you guys to shoot me, when I should be doing that
myself too... ;)
/me goes off looking for a shotgun.

> > WARNING: Python C API version mismatch for module demeterwrap:
> > This Python has API version 1010, module demeterwrap has version 1007.
> >
> > This is because I am using python2.1 while boost.python only supports
> > python2.0? (and 1.5.)
> Boost.Python supports all Pythons from 1.5 -> 2.2. It's because you compiled
> against a set of Python headers for a version later than the version of the
> executable you're running.
> > Version: 1.21.1-1
> Oh, I don't know about that; I didn't release that package. I can only tell
> you about the current boost release available at That will
> work with all available Pythons since 1.5.

The latest version appears to be 1.26 - so yes, I'm using a version
that's a bit old... Probably that.

Sorry for bandwidth wastage, I'll stay away for a while and give further
questions some time to mature. ;)

Hugo van der Merwe

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