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From: Jack M. Thompson (JMThompson_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-01-30 17:05:02

I see your point. I think that if a single base class is used, it
should be templated. But, I don't want to burden the user with the
template, except for a single line of code tucked neatly into a standard
file exclusively for each this purpose.

The system I'm trying to describe does this with a single macro that
expands to about three lines of code. All it does is create a
definition and an instance of a virtual constructor. It must exist for
the underlying architecture to know how to create, copy or destroy the

The base object itself may have an identity, but it is also possible to
not have an identity, saving space. The identity type (if there is one)
should be a template argument.

There should never be anything more than the one identity data member
defined in this base. The connection to its parent should be a
reference. The object can't be created without a reference being
supplied. This, coupled with the fact that the parent is parented to a
top node object, which is normally parented to another product (derived
from the single base class), is what makes the system so tight.

I'm explaining how I think this system should work with a couple of
documents. They are almost ready.

Thanks for the input.

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All these persistence libraries are intrusive (you have to use a base
class). Some of them don't use serialization. They all heavily rely
on runtime polymorphism. I think a boost persistence library should
be non intrusive and should use template programming.


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> From: "jackthompson99" <JMThompson_at_E...>
> tip from the Dr.)
> > I'd like to find out if there are any other libraries available
> > do the same thing BEFORE trying to submit this as a new boost
> > library. Do you know of any?
> >
> Some links:
> Persistent Pointer Factory
> Simple XML Persistence
> A class library for persistent object management in c++
> http://www.mb.hs-
> html
> GNU Common C++
> "Common C++ is a C++ framework offering portable support for
> sockets, file access, deamons, persistance, and system services"
> Issues in the Design of a Reflective Library for Checkpointing C++
> e4Graph
> "a C++ library that provides your program with reliable, efficient
> portable persistent storage for graph like data"
> Roguewave SourcePro Core
> Regards
> Gustavo Guerra

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