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From: Chris Little (cslittle_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-02-23 11:48:01

on 2/22/02 10:25 PM, Samuel Krempp at krempp_at_[hidden] wrote:

> Okay, I've finally accessed a MSVC6 compiler, and fixed all problems
> format2 had with this compiler.
> The final submission is thus ready,
> I've uploaded it in the vault (tagged version 1.40)
> it compiles, at least, on :
> gcc-3.0
> MSVC6 with service Pack5
> And certainly on comeau too. (it did at some point, since then, I don't
> know)
> And it fails at least on gcc 2.95
> It seems MSVC6 does not conform to the standard on several aspects of
> stream's formatting, and thus the test files report many errors.
> (e.g., the streams seem to have 'uppercase' enabled by default, because
> hexadecimal base is printed '0X' instead of '0x')
> but it's otherwise working as expected.


I tried this new version on Metrowerks CWP 7.2 and I am seeing some warnings
and two errors.

First the warnings,

In parsing.hpp lines 361 and 368, you have

parsing.hpp line 361 else ; // do nothing.. this item may be correct
enough to print a readable result.

parsing.hpp line 386 else ; // do nothing. => positionnale arguments are
processed as non-positionnal

I am getting a warning about a possible unwanted ;. Could you remove the
empty else statement and just have a comment instead.

I'm also seeing a number of unused argument warnings due to the functions in
group.hpp on lines 45 and 79.

format_test1.cpp compiles and runs fine.
format_test2.cpp compiles but fails two tests.

The test on line 80 fails.

Expected: "__16/9"
Received: "____16/9"

The test on line 109 fails.
Expected: "[ 123 ] [+WW234] [-XX345] [YY 456] [ZZZ-10]\n"
Received: "[ 123 ] [WW+234] [XX-345] [YY 456] [ZZZ-10]\n"

I won't have time today but I'll try to debug this tomorrow.


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