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From: David Abrahams (david.abrahams_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-04-09 08:25:55

Here's what I sent Dan'l that prompted this posting. Thanks again to
Dan'l for his efforts.


Hi Dan'l,

This stuff looks really great. The installing.html page is a little
complicated (so many options, rather technically described!), though.
Why don't you put this in the files area and post an announcement to the
list? I would prefer it if we could get some other commentary and
perhaps go through a short refinement cycle if needed.

Thanks for your work,

----- Original Message -----
From: "Dan'l Miller" <optikos_at_[hidden]>

> In recent days I uploaded autotools_boost_1_27_0.diff.gz to the
Boost files area on Yahoo. (I apologize about the delay from time of
posting to the successful posting of this email; my email accounts did
not agree with Boost's mailman until today.) This is a proposed set of
patches to the files which comprise the Boost WWW-site which describe &
govern autotools as an adjunct build/install environment for Boost.
Note that this is not the autotools support itself, but rather the
proposed documentation governing autotools usage in Boost intended to be
placed on the Boost WWW-site. Note that the
compilation/build-status-for-autotools is intentionally not provided at
this time. That file would be provided by the community of autotools
volunteers on a regular periodic basis, just as
boost_1_27_0/status/compiler_status.html is by the community of
Boost.Build overseers.
> To install this patchset, here is the :-) 12-step program
(pedantically from the beginning; please feel free to adapt as you
> 1) Download Boost 1.27.0 as a .tar.gz file from to a directory. We will call
this directory myDir here.
> 2) cd myDir
> 3) gunzip boost_1_27_0.tar.gz
> 4) tar -xvf boost_1_27_0.tar
> 5) Download autotools_boost_1_27_0.diff.gz from
to myDir/autotools_boost_1_27_0.diff.gz
> 6) gunzip myDir/autotools_boost_1_27_0.diff.gz
> 7) cd boost_1_27_0
> 8) patch -fNp1 < ../autotools_boost_1_27_0.diff
> 9) Invoke your favorite WWW-browser.
> 10) Browse file:///myDir/boost_1_27_0/index.html
> 11) Open another window in your favorite WWW-browser.
> 12) Browse for head-to-head comparison.
> Note the following links on the proposed front WWW-page to new or
enhanced WWW-pages:
> . Platforms Tested: Boost.Build (official) Autotools (adjunct)
> . Install
> . FAQ
> . and numerous links cascading from those WWW-pages.
> This work was performed in consultation with Dave Abrahams. Thank
you, Dave.
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