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From: Brian Hawkins (bmhmaillist_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-04-10 01:24:54


I am new to boost and this mailing list, but I have definite interest in a
logging library. I have developed my own logging framework and would be
happy to contribute it (once I finish refactoring it) as an example. It
uses template policies similar to those described by Modern C++ Design and
implemented in Loki. It is extremely lightweight and compiles complete out
of release builds if necessary.

Although I started out in research, I have been working in game development
for the last several years. Performance is of primary importance.
Therefore logging cannot always be on, but the log calls still need to be
there so they can be shared through source control and they can be turned on
for debugging when a debugging environment is not available. I have thus
adopted the use of a configuration file that can turn on/off logging for
different log types based on name. While the framework I use supports other
methods of enabling/disabling logs, this has been the primary one that I

Anyhow, I would be happy to contribute to this issue.

Brian Hawkins

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Subject: [boost] Proposal: Logging library

Hello Fellow Boosters,

I'd like to propose the design and development of a logging library
to be included in boost.

I've been thinking about what boost lacks, and this is one area of utility
that I think would benefit the boost community.

There are a great many examples of logging examples. Some designs I have
been thinking about are:
- based on iostreams coupled with the work being done with the format
  by Samuel Krempp.
  It would look like the following:
  log << log_debug << log_format("%e %1") % "config file not found";

  where there would be a log formatter that would have extra format
  For example, the %e above could print the errno for a failed file

  The log stream would support levels, and a default level. etc...
  you would expect from a capable logger.

- Something similar to log4j. There is already a log4cpp, which is a port
  of log4j to C++.

Some basic requirements:
- Some basic sink types (file, console, ring buffer...)
- Ability to log based on levels
- Ability to turn logging on/off dynamically
- Focus should be on good performance, and usability of the API. Make it
  easy to setup and use logs.
- Useful, built in format specifiers.
- As fast a possible.
- Parameterizeable thread safety. Don't penalize programs that do not need
  safe logs.

Is there any interest in such a library.


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