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From: Paul Mensonides (pmenso57_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-04-18 00:13:14

> Unless you have the very latest copy of Comeau, you're using the
> compiler I'm referring to. There's a whole host of others with the same
> front-end, and the same problems.

I'm using BETA#8, which has a 4.3 BETA#1 option (which supports

> > > > . That compiler-defined limit is really only there to protect
> > > > the compiler from recursing indefinitely:
> > >
> > > But in some compilers it is hard-coded (e.g. recent CodeWarrior
> > > releases)
> >
> > But it is likely that this will not remain as meta-programming becomes
> more
> > widespread.
> Some of us need to make this stuff work on real compilers, today.

It is not a case of making it work. It is a case of how long it takes to work.
Honestly, I have never encountered a situation where Comeau C++ was so
incredibly slow that it seriously hindered my work, and I have lots of
meta-programming constructs that I use. Actually, I should amend that. I have
never had a problem with the speed of the template mechanism particularly. The
preprocessor is another matter--that actually *can* grind to halt in certain
situations, and I have jumped through hoops to get around this limitation--i.e.
where doubling the number of some preprocessor construct made the compile-time
jump from 10 seconds to hours. I have alleviated most of this in my own pp
library with the added benefits of cleaner code output, but in this area Comeau
C++ is *seriously* lacking--but I *haven't* had an incredibly significant
problem with the template facility. At least, not so bad that it justified a
redesign just to get around it.

Paul Mensonides

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