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From: hsims_at_[hidden]
Date: 2002-05-09 18:33:27

We are running VMS 7.3, and have currently installed the basic boost
utility, static_assert (love that one), type traits, and smart pointer
packages (1.27.0), with little difficulty (fortunately there are already
compaq_cxx / common_edg / stdlib_roguewave config headers which pretty much
cover our VMS environment fairly well), only a few additional tweaks
required to the user-config file (partly due to custom build environment
limitations, on top of standard VMS C++). I have been porting boost.regex
as a VMS shared exe over the last few days, and at _this very moment_ (no
kidding, while I am typing this) just got the first test program to link
successfully!!! HOORAY IT WORKS!! sweet...

The main difficulties have been that the VMS compiler does not yet support
<cstyle> headers (this compiler is one of the best C++ compilers available,
but this is one of the few bits it doesn't have yet), but the boost code is
somewhat strongly oriented toward <cstyle> headers, so there's a bit of
finagling to get it all to work, though there is already a fair amount of
support for working around non-<cstyle> headers, so it didn't take too much
patching.. (we also have a custom build system to contend with, which means
renaming and moving files into a flat directory structure, and creating a
custom build script, but that was fairly easy too) Also we don't use
automatic template instantiation, so figuring out exactly what templates
need to be instantiated (and also which functions to expose in the symbol
vector, since the DLL support provided is pretty much windows-only, as far
as I can tell) takes a bit of trial and effort. But it all compiled on the
first try! (VMS has moderately decent POSIX api support, sufficient for
boost.regex, probably boost.threads too, haven't tried that yet).. linking
was the harder part...

(back to lurking mode..)

Date: Thu, 09 May 2002 12:20:26 -0400
To: boost_at_[hidden], "Boost list" <boost_at_[hidden]>
From: Beman Dawes <bdawes_at_[hidden]>
Subject: [boost] Other OS's ? [was: File names longer than 31 characters?]
Reply-To: boost_at_[hidden]

At 11:45 AM 5/9/2002, Raoul Gough wrote:

> ... does boost support VMS?

That's an interesting question.

In fact it would be interesting to hear about Boosters working with
operating systems other than POSIX/UNIX/Windows/Mac.

What other operating systems do Boosters care about?


Hillel Y. Sims
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