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From: Victor A. Wagner, Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-05-19 16:51:12

At Sunday 2002/05/19 10:53, you wrote:
>If anyone is interested in the following component, I would really
>appreciate any kind of feedback, thoughts, proposals for improvement,
>etc. Whatever comes to your mind!
> smart_enum<>
> The library provides a generic wrapper class for enum. The problem
> with the standard enum type is that it is hard to use it in
> arithmetic expressions (such as ++my_enum) without losing type-
> and range-checking. The smart_enum<> class allows for compile-time
> and run-time checked manipulation of the underlying enum without
> significant performance penality. In addition, some rather funny
> types of smart_enum<> are included in the library, which allow for
> such things as wrapped enumerations, etc.
>Source code and documentation are available via

well, after learning enum in Pascal, I always thought that the C community
completely missed the point. Oh well, we got what we got and I always
wished for more. This is definitely an improvement.
One thing that both languages seem to have missed is after we've gone to
ALL the trouble to make up all those nice names, we still have to write
additional code so we can input and output them nicely. I don't see any
easy to automagically do that here (I added some features to our Pascal
compiler to get it to work). If you can think of anything, I'd be glad to
help in putting it together.

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