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From: Paul Mensonides (pmenso57_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-06-19 20:23:28

Dave, I like your names better than mine.

Here is how the parts that confused you are used. Note that I'm using my
current naming scheme, for now.

#define BOOST_PP_BOUND 100 // this is not a range

What this does is abstract the depth of upper bound of the next iteration.
BOOST_PP_SET_UBOUND() yields a different filename depending on the depth of the
iteration. Whatever file that is evaluates BOOST_PP_BOUND and assigns that
value to a upper bound macro used internally at any given depth. The file then
undefines BOOST_PP_BOUND for reuse. This is an actual *assignment of the value*
not a lazy-evaluation reference. For a very trivial example: (note that I
tabbed it out more than I normally would to make the directives clear.)

// file.hpp

    #ifndef FILE_HPP // normal file begins here
    #define FILE_HPP

        #include <boost/preprocessor/comma_if.hpp>
        #include <boost/preprocessor/iterate.hpp>
        #include <boost/preprocessor/repeat.hpp>

        template<int> struct test; // no def
        template<> struct test<0>; // no def

        #define BOOST_PP_BOUND 1
        #include BOOST_PP_SET_LBOUND()

        #define BOOST_PP_BOUND 100
        #include BOOST_PP_SET_UBOUND()

        #define BOOST_PP_FILENAME_1 "file.hpp"
        #include BOOST_PP_ITERATE()

    #endif // end of normal file

#else // this part get iterated over
    #line BOOST_PP_LINE(__LINE__, file.hpp) // for debugging
    #define C BOOST_PP_FILE_ARG() // temporary

    #define ABC(n, nil) BOOST_PP_COMMA_IF(n) class T ## n

    template<> struct test<C> {
        template<BOOST_PP_REPEAT(C, ABC, nil)>
        struct args { /* whatever */ };

    #undef ABC
    #undef C

This produces:

template<> struct test<1> {
    template<class T0>
    struct args { };

template<> struct test<2> {
    template<class T0, class T1>
    struct args { };

// etc. up to 100

Does that help? (BTW, this took me 5 seconds to preprocess up to 100).

Paul Mensonides

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