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From: Paul A. Bristow (boost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-07-09 04:29:40

I used WinCVS, but was ignorant of the switch to force NL. (== CRLF?)

All the code supplied worked OK.
But then I used the Visual Studio editor, and the funnies started! :-(

Perhaps all we need is to give publicity to the need for the switch to force
(But I couldn't find it in the manual - index still under preparation!)


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CVS FAQ says:

CVS is not doing line-end conversion correctly
If you're running the CVS client on a non-Unix platform and are not getting
the line-end conventions that you want in some working copy files, it's
usually because they were accidentally added with -kb when they shouldn't
have been. This can be fixed in the repository with, believe it or not, the

floss$ cvs admin -kkv FILE

The -kkv means to do normal keyword substitution and implies normal line-end
conversions as well. (Internally, CVS is a bit confused about the difference
between keyword substitution and line-end conversion. This confusion is
reflected in the way the -k options can control both parameters.)

Unfortunately, that admin command only fixes the file in the repository -
your working copy still thinks the file is binary. You can hand edit the
CVS/Entries line for that file, removing the -kb, but that won't solve the
problem for any other working copies out there.

Which leaves me in Confused Mode still!

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> >> Maybe ban files that mix CR-only line terminations with the other two.
> >>
> >> Anyone have any better ideas?
> >
> >Since, according to Chris Little, Mac users have no problems with
> >CR/LF or LF line endings, it doesn't seem too unreasonable to ban
> >CR line endings. Would it make sense to have a script that converts
> >all files to CR/LF or LF only, and run it right before assembling the
> >release distribution? The script could just scan files, and when it
> >read a CR without a following LF, it could add it. LF only files don't
> >seem to be a problem.
> We already force NL for .gz distributions, and could start to force CR/NL
> for .zip distributions.
> But that doesn't do anything for those who checkout files directly from
> CVS. At least with the CVS client (WinCVS) I use, there is a switch to
> force NL, but apparently no switch to force CR/NL.
> --Beman
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