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From: Eric Friedman (ebf_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-07-25 00:07:59

"David Abrahams" <dave_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> If I understand what this visitation business is about (I might not), I
> favor:
> apply(visitor, var);
> which goes nicely with
> extract<X>(var);
> -Dave

Good point-- I guess I should explain variant visitation a bit for the

Visitation allows a compile-time type-safety guarantee that a particular
operation (i.e. the "visitor") knows how to handle any of a given variant
type's bounded types. (Contrast with repeated extract<T> attempts, which may
not cover all possible types.)

For example, a visitor to a boost::variant<int, double, std::string> _must_
handle int, double, and std::string values in order to result in successful
program compilation.

In regular C++ terms, a visitor is a function object offering function-call
operator() overloads for each type bounded by the variant; of course large
swaths of these "overloads" may be provided for via a templated
function-call operator().

So to put this into a concrete example (using Boost.Lambda), your proposal
would have the following syntax:

  apply(std::cout << _1, var); // display the contents of var

rather than my proposed syntax:

  var.visit_with(std::cout << _1);

or Itay's proposed syntax:

  var(std::cout << _1);

I'm not sure whether I like yours or mine better. Anyone else have an


P.S. One further observation/question: if we continue to go down this road
of preferring free functions over members, should variant::type be removed
as well? The functionality of variant::type is captured entirely by:

  const std::type_info& type = var.visit_with(ll_typeid(_1));

or, in terms more verbose (but more portable to broken compilers):

  struct reflector : generic_visitor<const std::type_info&> //
generic_visitor provides result_type member
    template <typename T>
    result_type operator()(const T& operand) const
    { return typeid(operand); }
  const std::type_info& type = var.visit_with(reflector());

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