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From: Alex Rosenberg (alexr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-08-02 17:50:11

* The line endings don't seem consistent. I see 0xD,0xA,0xA in some places.
(This could be an artifact of the unzip program I used.)

* All the conditional compilation makes it hard to read.

* The validation and parsing rules seem unified and tied to the compilation
host. Inheritance may be of use here? (class posix_path : path, etc.) The
compilation host only controls which APIs are used to talk to the
filesystem, not how paths are parsed or names are validated for a given
filesystem format.

There is no untar implementation for Classic Mac OS that preserves long
filenames properly, so I'm writing one. Tar contains POSIX paths, which I'm
parsing and turning into local filesystem calls. The local system is not
POSIX; it's Classic Mac OS. I want POSIX path parsing, not the local
filesystem. Other file formats might store a Windows path that I would want
to similarly parse and turn into local calls, without being on a Windows

Tiny XML is a very promising start. I've never been too happy with the
Xerces object model.

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