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From: William Kempf (williamkempf_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-08-12 07:18:55

>From: "Victor A. Wagner, Jr." <vawjr_at_[hidden]>
>>I'm not sure what you were trying to illustrate with this code... but the
>>use of illegal C++ would seem to make anything you observe irrelavant.
>that you do NOT want to implement any form of exception passing across
>thread boundaries is pellucidly clear.
>Why don't you just say "I don't want to...and I wont!" and let it go at
>that. Then we can all save some time.

Because, as in the past, it is possibly someone will find a killer argument
to change my mind.

>btw, why the heck is it "legal" for you to "start a thread" executing at
>main() but NOT legal to "call" main()?
>I know, I know, the "standard" says you can't call main(). (as you report).

I don't "start a thread" executing at main, the underlying thread libraries
do. That's well defined behavior in the underlying MT systems, and is part
of the C++ language implementation and is thus conforming. The user calling
main(), on the other hand, just produces undefined behavior.

>You certainly bandy about the old standard when it suits your purpose and I
>believe you have mis-read it miserably in an attempt to justify a poor
>decision on your part (not allowing exceptions to be passed back).

Where have I misread it?

Bill Kempf

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