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From: Victor A. Wagner, Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-08-13 02:01:12

At Monday 2002/08/12 14:22, you wrote:
>Dale wrote:
> >1) thread<void> threads call terminate(), thread<XXX> threads propogate the
> >exception when join is called.
>Propogating an exception in an different thread context than it started
>in (different stack, specifically) is a hard, if not impossible, problem.

it seems trivial to me, providing that you can accurately asses what the
exception is!
the general plan is to 'mark' the thread in some fashion as to capture the
exception and save it's state.
when join() is called, the state of the thread is determined and if an
exception is saved, it is copied, then thrown.
from the point of view of the person calling join() an exception of the
correct type etc. is caught, one hopes, by a matching catch() clause. All
done. I fail to see what a "different" stack has to do with anything.

>Just copying an exception so it will survive, typed correctly, the exit
>of a catch clause seems daunting.
>What mechanisms does boost.threads rely on/require such that this works
>[I have skipped parts of the threads/exceptions discussion, so please
>point me at the relavent postings if I've missed the discussion of this issue]
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