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From: Toon Knapen (toon.knapen_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-08-24 18:17:43

On Thursday 22 August 2002 10:06, Beman Dawes wrote:
> At 05:11 AM 8/21/2002, Toon Knapen wrote:
> >I've added the filesystem subproject also to the Jamfile in the
> >boost-sandbox root Jamfile (to support recursive builds)
> Thanks for taking an interest in this. It helps a lot to have another
> developer looking closely at a library, as you, Thomas, and Jeff have been
> doing.
> >Also, when one not overlays the boost-sandbox and boost, the BOOST_ROOT
> >include path only points to the sandbox. And thus the compile fails
> > because
> >it can't find the boost include files. Therefor I would suggest to add
> > also
> >e.g. PROJECT_ROOT to the include path in your Jamfile which would point>
> to

> >the boost installation (of course it would make more sense to invert
> >PROJECT_ROOT and BOOST_ROOT (thus the former pointing to the sandbox
> >and the latter to boost), but BOOST_ROOT gets automatically defined as
> >being the path
> >where your boost-build.jam is located (if I recall correctly). AFAIK the
> >current version of bjam normally does not support inclusion of one
> project
> >into another.
> Hum... I'm not quite sure how to respond. The issue in my mind is how much
> effort to put into making Jamfiles work well in the sandbox. I haven't
> actually been developing in my sandbox working copy, rather I've been
> developing and testing in a Boost CVS working copy.
OK. but the trouble is that, when locating a sandbox project in your
boost-tree, what will happen with the 'CVS' subdirectories. The Root for
instance in this subdirectory points to boost or the sanbox. So I don't see
how you can use the CVS efficiently when overlying both projects.

> Partially that's because Boost.Filesystem work started before the sandbox
> was available, and partially because I've been focused on making sure it
> works with the actual Boost CVS. After all, as soon as Boost.Filesystem
> passes review (assuming it does pass), all will be moved to the main Boost
> hierarchy. The plan, subject to suggestions from others, is to move the
> status reporting programs into a new sub-directory, tentatively named
> boost-root/tools/status.

I understand that. But for me, I'll quickly make a Jamfile to build the
library so I might just as well check it in if it can help others.

> As far as the sandbox goes, feel free to modify the Jamfiles to suit your
> needs. But I probably won't do anything on them myself for awhile due to
> other priorities.

I will.


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