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From: David Bergman (davidb_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-08-30 13:26:40


Not a bad suggestion at all. I think neither Prada or the few Prologers
out there (still using bags for holding solutions in indeterministic
problems) would reject the "bag" term completely.

What do you think of my old proposal: domain (without the algebraic


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At Friday 2002/08/30 10:17, you wrote:
>The only real discriminating factors of the Spamjunk Set Library, w.r.t

>structures such as std::set, are
>1. Elements are coded (see Goedel's Coding Theorem...) as integers,
>being enums or
> other integerizable elements
>2. There is an explicit universal set for each set application, to
>which all sets are
> subsets
>These discriminators should affect the naming, not arbitrary "cool, and

>not used in Boost" terms.

my main reason for wanting this in the first place was to get rid of the

(to me) crazy idea that the comparison operators work in lexicographic
"mode" rather than in what any mathematician would call "set" mode.

how about something straightforward, simple, small, and a concept that
everyone can get a handle on: bag<>

lest anyone get upset that we can have only ONE of each kind of element,

multi_bag<> can exist and is left as an exercise for the student.

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