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From: Paul A. Bristow (boost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-09-05 12:09:27

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> intervalsof constants

> As a first start, consider the VAX machines. Then move on IBM
> systems. Then consider Tru64unix.

Can you quickly summarise what these machines do - for the benefit
of those who have been lucky enough to only use IEEE-754 !
Do they provide std::numeric_limits<FPtype>::digits and radix ??

> Well, my feeling is that requiring IEEE-754 is too strong for no
> practical benefits for the thing you want to accomplish. You might
> want to consider that C++ tends to support LIA-1 (and not IEEE-754,
> not this one is not excluded). It is my belief that any useful
> numerical component for C++ should try to work within LIA-1
> assumptions and not require more unless there are good reasons to do
> so. In this specific case, I don't see any reason to require more
> than LIA-1.
> Well, a minor nit: there is no requirement that the FP system has
> radix 2 -- that is an IEEE-754 assumption that should be gotten rid
> of. That radix may be 16 as with IBM formats. It may be 10.

Numeric_limits<FPtype>::radix shoudl provide the radix.

I have worked out how to generate exactly representatable interval values
using only std::numeric_limits<FPtype>::digits and radix == 2 only
by using NTL arbitrary precision. Sylvian has suggested providing
intervals for all math constants, something that has been desirable
for a long time and I am warming this idea.

Does the radix make any difference provided it is divisible by 2?

radix = 10 seems quite another matter.

As a fallback approximation,
one could use excessive decimal digits and nextafter functions,
by as Sylvian has observed, this gives a wider 2 ulp interval.


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