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From: John Maddock (jm_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-09-23 05:34:00

> We're getting a new warning when compiling our code against Regex++ 3.31
> using Visual C++ 7. Here is the text of the warning, reformatted
> slightly to make it easier to read:

For whatever reason, Dinkumware aren't exporting the std exception classes
from the runtime dll in VC7 - instead the class is defined "all inline" and
this is what is creating the warnings. The next release will suppress the
warning, but whether that's a good idea or not I'm not sure.

> Our code is compiled using /MD (or /MDd). If we invoke the compiler
> with /ML the warning goes away. If we add -DBOOST_REGEX_STATIC_LINK=1
> the warning goes away (the Regex++ docs say "If you would prefer to do a
> static link to the regex libraries even when using the dll runtime then
> define BOOST_REGEX_STATIC_LINK ...."). Is there something about the
> interaction between the Regex++ package and VC7 which makes it desirable
> or necessary to link to the regex libraries statically?

Smaller code size - you only link to what you're actually using (and there's
dll to redistribute).

> Or is this a
> warning which can safely be suppressed? What are its possible
> implications?

No idea, probably best to ask on a VC specific newsgroup.

> Also, is there more substantial documentation of the automatic linking
> performed than what I found in the "Installation and Configuration"
> documentation ("It is not necessary for you to manually add a .lib file
> to the project; the headers will automatically select the correct .lib
> file for your build mode and tell the linker to include it")?

Only a little on the way the names are generated - see

What else do you need?

> Finally, is there a newsgroup interface to the mailing list?

Yes, at

John Maddock

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