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From: Robert Whitten (rmwjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-09-23 21:33:47


Thank you for your interest. I discussed some of the issues with my
professor and here is what he had to say:

>- I think its missing include wrappers to adapt a socket into a class
>derived from basic_streambuf< > an invaluable addition to any sockets
>library I think, and its only a hundred lines of code or so.

Yes, agree completely.

>- socketClass::send / recv, sendto / recvfrom in sock.h. The 'variadic'
>argument passing method of using a map of strings to void * arguments seems
>unneccessarily complicated and inefficient. Not to mention type-unsafe.

Maps are more type safe than naive void*. Idea: strings associated with
void* values act as dynamic type labels. Could simply use void* for
simplicity, however, this would give up all built in dynamic typing. Also,
maps should be effcient. They are balanced trees and there would not be
that many arguments associated with a void* (or heaven help the maintainer!
:) )

>- small point, why does basicException not derive from std::exception?

Professor stupidity. One of the goals is to rework the areas of code in
Pisces to eliminate overlap with the STL.

>The second library also looks interesting, but I've not had time to look at
>that in depth yet.

Quality control will not be as nearly as good in Ladel. Design was
implemented by a grad student working alone. Would be open to careful
rewrite if concept seems reasonable.

Pisces doesn't support IPv6, but could with a little work.

Thank you for your suggestions and questions. We are very interested in
your further input and suggestions.


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