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From: Jeff Garland (jeff_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-09-25 09:32:51

> Hi
> I'm going to need to do some work that involves time and dates, so I started
> to look at the Boost Date Time Library.
> I was a little disappoint, thought, of its documentation. Shoudn't the "Full
> Doxygen Reference Manual", currently a link from the docs to an online
> location, be included in the docs that will come in the next release?

Sorry you are disappointed. Unfortunately, it is not practical to
provide the fully generated set of docs in the Boost distribution --
 it is quite large. If you want to generate a local copy, I'd be
happy to provide instructions.

> There's a lot there that's not documented on the main docs

That shouldn't be the case. For 'user level' documentation
all the library features should be documented. Please point
out specific cases (as you do below) and those will be corrected.

I agree that the description of the extensibility features of
the library are not fully documented. That is an ongoing project
that is going to take a significant period of time. People that
need to understand those feature should simply contact me and I
will be more than willing to help them in the meantime.

>And that reference online doesn't seems to be updated,
> it still references Generic Date Time Library 0.57.

I'll update it soon.

> The file class_greg_base_facet.html isn't linked from anywhere, and has
> roughly the same contents of date_iterators.html

Yes, this was a work in progress file that needs to get linked
in to explain some of the new I/O features.
> - file class_date.html:
> in the table Construction From String, second example is wrong. Should be
> std::string ds("20020125");
> date d(from_undelimited_string(ds))
> instead of
> std::string ds("20020125");
> date d(from_string(ds))

> - file class_date_period.html:
> in the table Construction, the first example, the first description and the
> second syntax are wrong. Should be:
> Syntax | Description | Example
> date_period(date begin, date last) | Create a period as [begin, end). If
> end is <= begin then the period will be defined as null. | date_period
> dp(date(2002,Jan,10), date(2002,Jan,12));
> date_period(date start, date_duration len) | Create a period as [begin,
> begin+len). If len is <= zero then the period will be defined as null. |
> date_period dp(date(2002,Jan,10), date_duration(2));
> in the table Accessor, the examples for intersection and merge are wrong

Thanks for the specific issues, I'll look into correcting these.


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