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From: Thorsten Ottosen (nesotto_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-10-08 12:51:54

> It is a nice advantage over C initialisation that you can go
> init::set_cont( v ) = i,j,k
> I'm not sure how useful that is but no harm having it

I don't know either. We just don't want to polute the global namespace.

> I have one suggestion though
> is it possible to take the functions used as an argument of some sort
> i.e. use push_op() in the class and this would be push() or push_back()
> etc as appropriate !
> A vector\deque\list version could be typedef'd
> as could a map version etc...
I'm not sure what technique you refer to. Anyway, how should one know to
typedef the right typedef depending on compiler and library? Boost config?

> The reason I ask is that VC doesn't have hash_map, slist etc...
> and it also doesn't accept the template specialisation used
> so I had to dump all code other than the default\vector version !

I think that the stuff you downloaded need some refractoring regarding
hearder files. I'm considering
two alternatives:

... <one for each header>


/imap.hpp // all map stuff
/iseq.hpp // vector, deque
/iadap.hpp // stack queue

In the last approach one would also need some config macros s.t. libraries
without hash based containers canuse the same header. A third
alternative would be to provide fine granularity for those who wants it and
a really big chunk as now. Suggestions are welcome.



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