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From: Craig Henderson (cdm.henderson_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-10-15 15:38:16

"v m" <boost_vam_at_[hidden]> wrote in message
> hi,
> As part of my course project, I am planning to make
> changes to the boost archetype classes so that they
> conform to the current ANSI/ISO C++
> standard(INCITS/ISO/IEC 14882-1998).
Most (all) Boosters strive for this, compiler willing.

> During the
> process, I will have to discuss quite a few things
> about these archetype classes and related issues. I
> wanted to know if i could post my queries on this
> mailing list or if i should contact the developer(s)
> of the archetype classes.
I guess the mailing list is Ok.

> Just to get a feel of the type of queries i would be
> asking, here are some questions i have in mind right
> now:
> 1. My primary source of the current archetype classes
> is this :
> Is there a more recent header, or is there any such
> header under development?
Boost 1.29.0 will contain the latest publicly available version. This was
only release last week, so it is good a recent, however, specific header
hasn't changed since 17 July 2001.

> 2. My professor suggested that since the archetypes
> are used only at compile time, most of the methods in
> those classes need NOT have bodies. Any comments?
He's right :-)

> 3. There are several differences between the standard
> and the current archetype classes, especially the
> iterator archetype classes. For example, almost all
> the relational operators (operator==, operator!= etc)
> have a return type of bool whereas the standard
> requires a return type convertible to bool. Would
> changing the return type have any unwanted
> consequences (not particularly in the
> concept_archetype.hpp) ?
How is this not conforming to the standard? The return type is bool. The
standard requires a return type that is convertible to bool (Table 72). bool
is implicitly convertible to bool. What's the problem?
The synopsis of the iterator class in 24.2 itself defines the return type as

-- Craig

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