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From: Roman Yakovenko (romany_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-11-03 00:29:31

Hi it was my second question that I ask only my self. I have to
objects across net and also to save them to files. Also it possible to
operator<< that will serialize from\to recordset. Also one of the
possible uses of your library is copy function. The common between those
things is, as you wrote, flatten/unflatten functionality. So my question
is would it be possible to specialize your class over my own stream-like


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From: Robert Ramey [mailto:ramey_at_[hidden]]
Sent: Saturday, November 02, 2002 6:11 AM
To: 'boost_at_[hidden]'
Subject: RE: [boost] Serialization Review

>Roman Yakovenko wrote

>Good morning. This is very good library. I wrote and support library
>with 60 objects that must be serialized. I have one question:
>Why text_[i,o]archive may use any stream like object, but b[i,o]archive

>use only std::[i,o]stream. Is there is some reason? Also I didn't find
>answer to my question in documentation.


text_[i,o]archive is a template that uses as stream type as an argument.
It is used to generate ioarchive and oarchive (char archives) as well
as woarchive and wiarchive (wchar_t archives). These are concrete
classes that use stream like objects.

Actually your question touches on a more interesting point that has
here to for gone uncommented upon.

The base classes basic_oarchive, and basic_iarchive make not assumptions
that the input/output are stream like objects. Hence, the serialization
library could well be useful for such things as passing complex data
accross the net directly. Their basic function is to flatten/unflatten
a complex object structure so that it can be represented as a series
of bytes that can be stored/transmitted/ what ever across time and/or

Thank you for testing/using this library as well as for your
endorsement. Note that a newer version
will be posted before the final review which will add some features and
correct some errors. (note:
I presume you meen 60 classes rather than 60 objects)

Robert Ramey

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