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From: Roland Richter (roland_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-12-09 04:49:41

Dear all,

I would like to announce that I finally imported the first set
of Boost.View classes to the Boost-Sandbox CVS.

+ What is it?

A view is a light-weight, immutable decorator to some existing data.
Usually, it will provide the same interface as a STL container.

In much the same way as an iterator adaptor wraps a "dumb" STL iterator
and adds functionality, a container adaptor or view wraps a STL container
and attaches some further functionality.

The topic recently has been discussed following news://

+ History?

The first to introduce a view library was Jon Seymour back in 1995,

The most complete implementation of views so far was (and still is)
the View Template Library by Gary Powell and Martin Weiser,

In contrast to these implementations, Boost.View relies on
iterator_adaptors, which made implemention much easier.

+ What next?

Some further views (zip_view etc) are on the way; however,
since these require an extended tuple type (tuples for iterators,
containers etc), I intend to commit such a tuple type first.

Rumors have it that iterator_adaptors is redesigned from scratch.
I'd like to hear any news...

+ Platforms?

Boost.View was tested with

     + gcc 2.95.3-6 (mingw special), gcc 3.2 (cygwin prerelease) and Boost 1.29.0
     + MSVC 7 and Boost 1.28.0

- Roland

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