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From: Roland Richter (roland_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-03-25 06:54:11

Hi Thomas,

  some time ago I was in the very same situation
  that I needed an iterator of tuples - or a tuple
  of iterators, which virtually is the same IMO.

  My solution then was to extend tuple functionality,
  i.e. to add everything that a good iterator requires,
  such as dereference, operator++() etc., to a tuple
  type (not boost:tuple, but a 'tupple' type of my
  own. Hm.)

  About three months ago, I released that stuff to
  Boost Sandbox, where it sits (in directory 'tupple')
  rather unnoticed (lack of marketing, I guess),

> Thanks for your kind words. I'll play with the sanbox stuff. Is the main
> purpose there to incorporate better iterator categories? Anyway, I won't take
> any further action until all that has settled down.

  so if you play with the sandbox stuff, you might as
  well check it out.

  (Hint: open boost/tupple/detail/container_tupple_part_spec.hpp
   and search for 'iterator_tuple'. Don't blame me for indentation,
   this is generated code.).

  I don't really know which approach - "iterator of
  tuples" vs. "tuple of iterators" - is better, but
  comparing the two approaches might yield some insight.

  I'd be really interested in an exchange of ideas,

- Roland

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