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From: Thomas Becker (tmbecker1_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-03-29 03:04:52

<anthony.williamsNOSPAM_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> FWIW, I've extended my pair iterator to be a tuple
> iterator for
> input/forward/bidirectional/random-access iterator
> categories, which was
> relatively painless. I will boostify it, add output
> iterator support back in,
> and test it with VC7.1 as well as g++ 3.2.2, if you
> (or anyone else) are
> interested.

Well, this combining iterator thing is the first time
I'm ever submitting anything to boost, so I don't know
if I should give advice, but what I did was to click
on "Submissions" at and it said that
Step 1 was to post a description of the proposed
submission to the boost mailing list to determine
interest. So that's what I did, and I suppose that's
what you should do too.

In my case, the response was not overwhelming, but it
wasn't devastating either, and I got a positive from
David Abrahams. So what I'll do next is to check out
their new iterator adaptor stuff in the sandbox and
see how my stuff fits in there or can be made to fit
in. Since my combining iterator would have to be part
of the iterator adaptor library, it will then
ultimately be David's, Jeremy's and Thomas' decision
whether they want it in there or not. Thanks a bunch
for yall's feedback so far. It has certainly helped me
sort things out.

Finally, Anthony: As I look at the new iterator
adaptor in the sandbox, I will of course keep an eye
on whether their changes have any bearing on the
relationship between what you have and what I have.
Under the current boost iterator adaptor, I think it
is clear that yours and mine are at least as different
from each other as the transform iterator is different
from the projection iterator, and hence they are two
separate things. It may be a while until I get around
to working on all this again, so let me know if you
have any new insights in this regard.

Thomas Becker
Zephyr Associates, Inc.
Zephyr Cove, NV

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