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From: Vaclav Vesely (vaclav.vesely_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-04-30 11:33:55

Beman Dawes wrote:
> Vaclav Vesely wrote:
> >This patch allows to compile regression tools with MSVC 6.
> First, thanks for going to the effort to work through the various issues.
> I have very mixed feelings about the patch. Obviously it is great to
> the regression reporting tools to work with more compilers, but there just
> hasn't been any demand from users.
> I hate to see the source code degraded to cope with a compiler version
> is now two releases and 14 months out-of-date, particularly when the
> version is *much* more standards conforming, and both of the newer
> do fine with the reporting tools. Looking forward, I also don't want to
> have to support VC++ 6.0 for any future changes.
> So please don't take it personally, but I'm not going to apply the patches
> unless someone comes forward with more rationale for supporting reporting
> tool compilations with VC++ 6.0.

It's OK. I absolutly understand your point of view. I don't like wierdness
of MSVC 6 too. Unfortunatelly I have to use it sometimes.

Nevertheless in the patch was coverd one more general fix. The
compiler_status can't deal with absolute paths in test logs files
(test_log.xml). The attached path fixes it.


begin 666 compiler_status..patch
M26YD97_at_Z('1O;VQS+W)E9W)E<W-I;VXO8V]M<&EL97)?<W1A='5S+F-P< T*
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M871H7V9O<FUA="DR*2YI<U]C;VUP;&5T92_at_I("D-"BL@(" @>PT**R @(" @
M(" @=&5S=%]P871H(#T@*')E;" O('1E<W1?<&%T:"DN<W1R:6YG*"D[#0HK
M(" @('T-"BL@(" @=&%R9V5T("L]("(\=&0^/&$@:')E9CU<(B(@*R!T97-T
M7W!A=&@@*R B7"(^(B K('1E<W1?;F%M92 K("(\+V$^/"]T9#XB.PT*(" @
M("!T87)G970@*ST@(CQT9#XB("L@=&5S=%]T>7!E("L@(CPO=&0^(CL-"B -
D"B @(" @8F]O;"!N;U]W87)N7W-A=F4@/2!N;U]W87)N.PT*

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