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From: Guillaume Melquiond (gmelquio_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-05-18 09:19:06


I tried Boost with gcc 3.3 (released this week) and it seems the
configuration for gcc doesn't need to be changed. So here is a patch that
I will apply if nobody complains:

Index: boost/config/compiler/gcc.hpp
RCS file: /cvsroot/boost/boost/boost/config/compiler/gcc.hpp,v
retrieving revision 1.16
diff -u -r1.16 gcc.hpp
--- boost/config/compiler/gcc.hpp 11 Apr 2003 10:47:00 -0000 1.16
+++ boost/config/compiler/gcc.hpp 18 May 2003 13:59:48 -0000
@@ -62,8 +62,8 @@
 # error "Compiler not configured - please reconfigure"
-// last known and checked version is 3.2:
-#if (__GNUC__ > 3) || ((__GNUC__ == 3) && (__GNUC_MINOR__ > 2))
+// last known and checked version is 3.3:
+#if (__GNUC__ > 3) || ((__GNUC__ == 3) && (__GNUC_MINOR__ > 3))
 # if defined(BOOST_ASSERT_CONFIG)
 # error "Unknown compiler version - please run the configure tests and report the results"
 # else

I launched the regression suite with this compiler and the results are not
different from gcc 3.2. Except for uBlas: the whole library seems broken
with this new version (and according to the message, it wasn't really good
with gcc 3.2 either). Each test program compilation fails with this error

  error: due to a defect in the G++ 3.2 ABI, G++ has assigned the same
  mangled name to two different types

About this new version, since I did launch the whole regression suite, I
also tried to reduce the number of warnings produced by the compilations.
I will post the corresponding patches on the list, a new mail for each
library, sorry for the flood :-).



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