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From: Reece Dunn (msclrhd_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-05-26 08:33:01

It should also be possible, if the regression engine outputs an XML table of
information, to support all of these different versions via different XSLT
code (simplified via a parameter to the stylesheet).

<compiler name = "GNU C++" version = "3.2.2">
   <library name = "Interval Library">
      <results file = "..." type = "pass|warn|fail"/>

It is then possible to get the XSLT code to generate statistics (number of
tests, number passed, failed and generated warnings, percentages). It is
also possible to do this for each compiler and compiler/library pair. It may
also be possible to compare a library across different compilers.

This would have the benefit of being able to select how the results are
displayed (possibly via a form, transforming the XML data on the server,
then sending it back to the client).

SIDE NOTE: I have ASP code that uses the Microsoft XML parser to transform
an XML document using a specified XSLT file, passing the remaining arguments
sent to the ASP page to the stylesheet as parameters. Let me know if this is
of interest, and I will post it.

If this is of interest, I could write the XSLT code to do it, as I have code
that I can lift from some of my own stylesheets.

NOTE: This is just a suggestion.


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