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From: Reece Dunn (msclrhd_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-05-26 08:52:42

Christo Fogelberg wrote:

>I'm quite new to boost, and wondering how best to install it under linux
>with GCC. I have no problem getting it to compile and run, but with all
>the .a files hidden away in huge directory trees, and the include files
>hidden several layers deep, I'm wondering what people have done to make
>the whole lot more accessible - and easy to manage.

>E.g. at the moment, I have to add horrendously long -L commands with GCC
>to each library I want to link to, and if I want to avoid linking to the
>libraries by using the 'inline' headers* I can't seem to move the
>headers out of the boost installation tree, as they use relative paths
>to cpp files in the lib directory.

I personally use makefiles. This simplifies the management of projects,
removes the need to specifically handle complex paths, etc. For example

# This may not be 100% correct, but you get the idea:
# make file for GNU Make
# note - \t --> tab character

# common stuff (in its own file) -

DBASE = /usr
DGCC = /usr/local
DBOOST = /usr/boost

IPATH += -I "$(DBASE)/src" -I "$(DGCC)/src"

LPATH += -L "$(DBASE)/lib" -L "$(DGCC)/lib"
LPATH += -L "$(DBOOST)/lib"

CC = gcc -c
LNK = gcc

%.o : %.cpp
\t_at_compiling $@
\t@$(CC) -o $< $@

%.exe : %.o %.a
\t_at_building $@
\t@$(LNK) -o $< $@

# main project - makefile


start: hello.exe bye.exe

hello.exe: hello.o main.o
bye.exe: bye.o

---> make files rule :-)


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