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From: Jonathan D. Turkanis (technews_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-06-09 10:51:43

Thanks for your interest. I have posted the library at

The implementation needs to be streamlined, but it works, and the main ideas
are clear enough.

Robert Ramey wrote:
> I think it would be more interesting if the following were considered
> a) composability - suppose I have an encryption facility and a
> compression facility. I would like to be able to make a
> streambuf the compresses thhen encryrpts or vice versa.
> c) this suggests to me:
> i) a implemention set of composable iterator adaptors.
> ii) a streambuf that can filter input/output through an itererator
adaptor. This
> MIGHT be implemented as a codecvt facet that takes an interator
> as an argument.
> To summarize, I would like see the concept of "adaptable sequence"
> out of streambuf and a streambuf built that can use any "adaptable

This is good idea! I had thought about composing streambufs to create new
streambufs, and indeed this seems fairly straightforward using my approach
(perhaps the most difficult part is selecting suitable names for the
composition operations -- how about 'operator+' ?)

However, reworking the project in terms of iterator adaptors is a completely
different story (I think.) Very interesting! Could you give a more detailed

Jeff Garland wrote:
>1) I'd be interested in how this fits with the Boost Socket initiative
>2) I've written something similar for zip files, but looks like you may
>a more general solution -- a toolkit for creating new streambuf types. If
>this is the case, it would be very handy.

I'll have to look more closely at Boost Sockets (I've only read the
requirements.) Also I will look at your compressed streams tonight.


Jonathan Turkanis

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