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From: Pietrobon Marcello (teiffel_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-08-08 19:59:59


I would like to say one word about the VCF library.
I know it is totally unknown to most of people.

I didn't see any comments beside the one of Bohdan.
VCF is an extremely good GUI multiplatform library.
And even if it is not yet at version 1.0, yet it does let people to program very
fast with a very small learning time.
And gives to people a big flexibility, because it is very scalable
I was sceptical before using it, but now I am not.
I am using the VCF in production work and I am very happy with that.

The VCF uses the BSD license which essentially means that you can do everything
you want with that code

You might get some good hints from that library, and experience.

I signalled this boost thread to the leader of the VCF library.
He's available for giving you more informations if you desire.
His contact informations are:
Jim Crafton <vze2mwj7_at_[hidden]>

or, in the evenings:
IRC server:
Port: 6667
Channel: #vcf

About widgets...
VCF usually wraps the native ones, like in the case of a list view
But in some cases it is much less work to write it from scratch, like in the case
of the ComboBox control.

Hope it helps,


Bohdan wrote:

> Trying to continue GUI libraries review ( FLTK, WxWin ) ....
> Any ideas about VCF ( visual component framework ) sourceforge
> project ?
> Its original idea was taken from Borland C++ Builder.
> Unfortunately, this IDE and VCL (pascal GUI library used
> by Delphi and c++ builder) doesn't allow to use c++
> features like templates and multiple inheritance in gui components.
> Anyway idea is great. VCF project is trial to fix this drawback.
> They already have new IDE and GUI library more c++
> friendly and portable.
> Despite it is relatively new project, it looks great.
> Can it be used somehow ? Or more lazy choice :
> ask developers to port it to boost ?:))
> It is developed under BSD license. I'm not expert in licenses :(.
> If somebody can shed light on this license .... thanks.
> regards,
> bohdan

Steve Hutton wrote:

> In article <004401c35db8$09f4ce30$580a10ac_at_[hidden]>, Brock Peabody wrote:
> >>
> >> I suggest taking maybe some classes of WxWindows or Qt for basic
> > portable
> >> [x1, y1, x2, y2] paint devices. This would be a beginning.
> >
> > I'm sure we could learn something at least.
> Note: Qt is GPL, WxWindows is (modified) LGPL.
> Obviously, there are potential licensing issues with creating a
> new implementation modeled after GPL/LGPL code. Studying the
> interfaces and documentation is probably fair game, but copying
> from the source has license implications for your library.
> On the other hand, if you create a derivative work that links
> to low level classes of one of these existing libraries, you
> could release an initial prototype under the matching library
> license, then later replace the low level classes with your own
> and change the license to a boost compatible one.
> Steve
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